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Case Study Alutec - Nantoin

Guarantee the alloy’s quality with ROMER Multi Gage

The company Alutec, a member of the international group Aluthea (, is specialised in the foundry of light alloys. Its main area of activity is related to electrical material. Alutec also works directly with the most important European car manufacturers and their subcontractors. Approximately 80 people each year convert 1000 tonnes of aluminium alloy and manufacture 400 moulded models. The manufacturing run lie somewhere between 100 parts a year and 1000 parts a day.

The manufacturing process of an aluminium foundry is broken down into 3 very simple stages: the material must be smelted, poured manually with the help of a sampling ladle or a robot into a metallic mould and then stripped from the mould after solidification. The result is a die casted part. Heat treatment enables improving the mechanical features of alloys by means of modifying the metallurgic structure.

Guaranteeing the alloy’s quality and facilitating management in addition to the best working conditions are the leitmotifs of Alutec. It is therefore not surprising to discover a spectrometer for regular monitoring of the chemical composition of alloys or even a machine park comprised solely of electrical furnaces that ensure metallurgic quality and working conditions. Managing all manufacture stages internally such as machining and painting is as essential as customer service.

To better meet the demands of prime contractors, Alutec has had an engineering and design structure for several years. Engineers, together with the customer, design the products and all the necessary tools (mould, trim die) which are useful for their industrialisation. Alutec also performs computer-simulated loading to ensure the quality of the parts produced.

The methods department performs the initial smelts that enables industrialisation of the tools. Verifying compliance with the...

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