Gemi İnşa Sanayi
Shipbuilding Applications
Gemi inşa sektörü, oldukça yüksek teknoloji gerektiren ve endüstriyel metroloji alanında dikkat çeken bir sektör durumundadır. Büyük gemi gövde blokları, gemi itici sistemi spiral dişli elemanları gibi parçalar gelişmiş endüstriyel teodolit ve lazer istasyonları ile hizalanır. Bu ölçüm cihazları titizlikle kontrol edilmiş ekstra yüksek hassasiyetteki koordinat ölçüm makinalarıdır.(CMM)

CEHIPAR - Madrid
ROMER Absolute Arm in naval research

Rowing boats, container ships, fishing trawlers or dinghies – any floating structure is interesting for the naval engineers at the “Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo” (CEHIPAR). Simulations and real-life scenarios contribute to ship building and operation, improving ship safety and efficiency. A portable measuring arm from ...

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MEYER WERFT - Papenburg
Modern shipbuilder chooses Leica Geosystems

MEYER WERFT GmbH from Papenburg in Northern Germany is more than just a shipbuilder – 2600 employees create floating masterpieces beyond your wildest dreams in the shipyard‘s fabrication halls. Modern cruise liners demand the highest commitment to quality. For this reason the surveying team at Meyer Werft use instruments only from Leica ...

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Burkhardt+Weber - Reutlingen
Gigantically flexible, gigantically accurate: 3D coordinate metrology in machine tool manufacture

The south of Germany regularly surpasses other German states in relation to patent applications. The first NC-controlled machining centre was also invented in the south of the Republic. Together with an American concern, Burkhardt+Weber in Reutlingen created this novelty in the 50s. The competence of Burkhardt+Weber these days is in the ...

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Chantiers de l'Atlantique - Saint-Nazaire
One of the world's largest shipyards highlights the time and cost savings resulting from the Leica Geosystems products

"Chantiers de l'Atlantique" is one of the world's largest shipyards, based in Saint-Nazaire, France. They started to use Leica Geosystems measuring systems in 1995. Two departments use these systems: ”Precision Action”, which is responsible for the precision checks and “On-board Assembly ”, which is responsible for the quality of the ...

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Thyssen Nordseewerke - Emden
Dimensional Control and Analysis at Thyssen Nordseewerke

Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH, located in Emden on the North Sea coast, has a long tradition dating back to 1903, when the shipyard was founded as the “Nordseewerke Emder Werft und Dock Aktiengesellschaft”. Around 500 merchant ships, and 60 submarines and frigates have been built to date. With a staff of around 1,350, the yard is now one of the most ...

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Meccanica Ponte Chiese - Brescia
Automation to the nth Power

Automatic factory, unmanned manufacturing cycles, FMS, AGV… In the ‘80s, these used to be the favourite talking-points in the industrial world. The companies looked at a future with plants in which only a few people in white coats controlled machines and robots working, producing, and transferring every kind of components or finished products. ...

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