Infrared Probing Systems
m&h Infrared Probing Systems
m&h infrared probes are touch trigger probes. When approaching a workpiece surface, the stylus deflects and a trigger signal is transmitted to the receiver by infrared light. Interference-free signal transmission between probe and receiver is absolutely vital for process-reliable measuring on machine tools. HDR (High Data Rate) technology avoids interference caused by ambient light from outside and inside the machining area. On the one hand we use the 75 Hz transmission frequency which is different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz, respectively. On the other hand, an extremely high data rate of 9600 light pulses/sec prevents interference from pulsing machine lamps. Adjustable transmitting power and large transmitting angles go without saying for m&h touch probes. Large receiving angles and microprocessor-controlled evaluation of receiving signals give an absolutely perfect infrared light transmission.

m&h Infrared Touch Probe IRP25.50

The new bidirectional probe m&h IRP 25.50 is characterized by its modular structure. Various measuring units, different extensions and cross-probes can be used. This makes it possible to optimally adjust the probe to future requirements and applications in the machine tool at any time. The development of further measuring units and sensors which can be used on the same system basis is planned for the future.

The m&h probes of the new generation allow to operate two IRP25.50 at the same time with only one IRR91.50 receiver. For example, this is suitable for simultaneous measurements on both spindles of double-spindle machines.

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m&h Temperature Probe IRP25.50-TP

Measures the workpiece temperature fully automatically both before as well as during machining (patented). This allows the control of production processes and the adaptation of machining parameters during production. Temperature-dependent parameters can be reliably determined before the workpiece goes to the next machining step with tolerance specifications. This way, consistently high production quality is ensured.

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Infrared Touch Probe IRP40.01

The infrared touch probe IRP40.01has been designed for machining centres and turning machines. Its compact construction makes it ideally suited for use even the smallest shanks. Equipped with a patented THERMO-LOCK® Technology shank, the touch probe delivers precise results even with large temperature differences. The bi-directional IR communication makes use in special production machines possible.

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m&h Infrared Touch Probe IRP40.40-LF

The new infrared touch probe has been specially developed for delicate materials and measuring tasks on thin, fragile workpiece geometries. The measuring mechanism, with constant very low trigger forces, can be fitted with different styli and spherical measuring tips from Ø 0.2 mm.
The new touch probe has a 2 sigma repeatability of 1 μm.

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m&h Infrared Probe IRP40.50

The ultrasmall infrared probe IRP40.50, with a diameter of only 25 millimeters and a length of 42.4 millimeters, can find a place in any small machining center and leaves sufficient space so that measurement is also possible on the Z axis without a danger of collision. The IRP40.50 is highly precise and is also suitable for small and delicate workpieces with a low probing force of 0.7 N (X/Y). It goes without saying that the m&h IRP40.50 also has the proven HDR infrared transmission.

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Pick Up Toolsetter IRPT35.40

With the Pick Up Toolsetter IRPT35.40, tools can be measured in length and diameter on the machine. The Docking Station can be fitted anywhere on the machine table and enables automatic or manual exchange of the toolsetter. This means there is nothing protruding out to restrict the working surface. One infrared receiver is used for both touch probe and toolsetter.

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Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70

The Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70 for milling machines and machining centers enables variable positioning of the tool setter, to fit the task at hand. Through use of a magnetic mount, the tool setter can be placed in wide range of table positions. Our patent pending system delivers highly accurate and repeatable re-positioning of the tool setter. With wireless operation and no permanently fixed hardware, use of the IRT35.70 does not restrict or interfere with the machining area in any way. Now tool measurement and breakage detection can be done flexibly with a single instrument, including in machines operating with alternating machining stations.

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Infrared Receiver IRR91.40

The Infrared Receiver IRR 91.40 reliably transmits and receives measurement and temperature data. It can communicate with all m&h Infrared Probes, the Pick Up Tool Setter IRPT35.40 and Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70. The receiver can communicate with two different probe systems on the same machine. All necessary components are integrated in the stainless steel housing, thus no additional interface is required in the electrical cabinet. It can be mounted without creating any obstructions in the machining area or directly in the headstock.

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m&h Infrared Receiver IRR91.50

The bidirectional infrared receiver IRR91.50 is able to simultaneously communicate with two probing systems on the same machine. It has large transmission and receiving angles and can be used for all m&h infrared probes and tool setters. All necessary components are integrated in the stainless steel casing; thus, no additional interface in the electric cabinet is required.

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