Automotive Applications
Günümüzde tasarlanan ürünü hızlı bir şekilde devreye alabilme önem kazandırmıştır. Muhtelif otomotiv üreticileri ve tedarikçileri; devreye alma sürelerini azaltmak, üretim verimliliğini artırmak, red parça miktarlarını düşürmek ve üretim kalitelerini geliştirmek için endüstriyel metrolojiye yönelmektedirler.

Lazer tracker sistemleri ile  beyaz gövde ölçümleri, beyaz  ışık optik ölçüm sistemleri ile prototip parça ölçümü, kalıp yapımı ve devreye alınması, kollu ölçüm sistemlerinden otomatik gantry ve yatay kollu koordinat ölçme makinalarını kullanarak araç iç giydirme parçalarının uyum ve parça toleranslarının kontrolüne kadar her türlü ölçüm hizmetleri Hexagon Metrology’nin  referans listesindeki dünyanın önde gelen araba üreticilerine sunulmaktadır.

Faist Mekatronic - Romania
Manufacturing Versatility

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps component manufacturer deal with diverse customer demands. ...

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ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG
The testing institute

The internationally-operating ISP testing institute has been able to reduce the high-accuracy wear measurement procedure for engine components from two full days to just a few hours. The basis for these enormous time savings is high-accuracy Leitz range coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology and utilisation of the QUINDOS Wear software ...

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Messtronik GmbH - St. Georgen
New spheres of coordinate metrology

The Black Forest. Thanks to successful tourism advertisements, this name is associated with cuckoo clocks and the scent of pine trees, but the early birds in the forest aren’t the only ones to catch the worm. Traditionally, companies based in this region have also been among the most ‘bright-eyed’ in the country, particularly the ...

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Volkswagen Sachsen - Zwickau
Leica T products ensure maximum quality at Volkswagen

Zwickau-based Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH uses the Leica T-Scan 5, relying on the precision of Hexagon Metrology ...

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Uz CLAAS Agro - Tashkent
Reaping the rewards of metrology

Agricultural equipment provider applies precision measurement to heavy-duty machinery ...

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PMC Automotive - Melfi
Totally automated process control for automobile bodywork components

Production cycle efficiency, strict compliance with delivery times, accurate quality control of process and product, focused and motivating management of human resources at all levels. These are just a few of the principles that govern the daily occurrences and ongoing evolution of activities at PMC Automotive, based in the industrial area that ...

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Johnson Controls - Novo Mesto
Measurement for Dummies

At the Johnson Controls manufacturing site in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, two hundred people are employed in the production and assembly of seats, interior fittings and chassis parts for the automotive industry. As sole supplier to Revoz, the Slovenian manufacturing subsidiary of Renault, Johnson Controls produces a number of critical parts for the ...

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Driving better solutions for automotive
With time at a premium but quality crucial, a global vehicle manufacturing group has used white light scanning to improve productivity.

Since the introduction of the progressive assembly line in the early twentieth-century the motor industry has remained at the forefront of industrial development, speeding up processes and increasing output. Now, over a hundred years later, every minute still counts in the highly-competitive automotive ...

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Pretema GmbH - Niefern
Every feature in one go: How multi-sensor systems minimise measuring times

The precision technology company pretema specialises in the development and manufacture of electromechanical components, but this multitalented company is also a player in the areas of manufacturing technology and material types. When it comes to quality assurance, pretema relieson a multi-sensor measuring device from Hexagon Metrology that ...

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BLOODHOUND Project - Bristol
Building BLOODHOUND SSC - The 1000mph Office

When the BLOODHOUND SSC car makes its runs in the South African desert its wheels will be subjected to forces up to 50,000 G, the solid aluminium wheels each weighing 95kg will spin at 10,200 rpm – 4x faster than a formula one car. At peak speed the car will be moving faster than a bullet from a .357 magnum, covering 1 mile in only 3.6 ...

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Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Automatically calibrated

Jean-Charles de Borda was one of the personalities behind the introduction of the metric system in France at the end of the 18th Century. A century later, Carl Benz went for the world‘s first motorised „drive“ in Germany. At Daimler AG‘s main factory in Stuttgart- Untertürkheim, Germany, these two aspects of history come together. Here, ...

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Kiekert - Heiligenhaus
Nobody gets past security

Night club doormen mercilessly decide who can spend the evening in the club and who has to peep through steamed-up windows in their trainers from the outside. The Optiv Classic measuring devices from Hexagon Metrology perform the same function at Kiekert. At the incoming goods department, they check vendor parts and issue a decisive "go" ...

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KYB - Ororbia, Spain
Pioneers in scanning and reverse engineering for shock absorber manufacturing.

Hexagon Metrology’s long list of customers and partners includes KYB the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers worldwide. This Japanese giant, with its global presence, uses the ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner for its pioneering reverse engineering work at its Technical Centre in Ororbia, Spain. The measuring arm provides precise, ...

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UPBracing - Paderborn
How to build a racing car from just some rattling boxes

The UPBracing Team of Paderborn University has been a regular contender on the Formula Student circuit since 2006. The student racing team is therefore one of the more experienced in the international constructors’ championship. But to compete with the best, some very special technology is ...

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Ford - Cologne-Merkenich
A globalised measuring solution

Retrofitting in metrology offers significant advantages. Ford recognised this and replaced the existing metrology software used in its autobody manufacturing facilities with PC-DMIS from Hexagon Metrology. The new software solution impressed the Cologne automobile manufacturer with its flexibility, speed and professional ...

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Volvo Car - Gent N.V.
Quality is firmly in the driving seat

The legendary Volvo P1800 ES style rekindled fairytale memories. The vehicle‘s image-defining all-glass tailgate reminded people of Snow White‘s glass coffin. The successor model, the Volvo V40, rolls off the production line in the carmaker‘s works in Ghent, Belgium, where they rely on measuring systems from Hexagon ...

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Gonzales - Estrabin
Inspection and auto-inspection with the ROMER Absolute Arm

Four buildings covering a total surface area of 20,000 m², four assembly halls each measuring 1,200 m² sitting on a site covering 35,000 m²... The Gonzales group, founded in 1971, has forged a solid reputation through its know-how, flexibility and reactivity as well as the quality of the services it provides. A designer and ...

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Alutec - Nantoin
Guarantee the alloy’s quality with ROMER Multi Gage

The company Alutec, a member of the international group Aluthea ( www.aluthea.com ), is specialised in the foundry of light alloys. Its main area of activity is related to electrical material. Alutec also works directly with the most important European car manufacturers and their subcontractors. Approximately 80 people each year convert 1000 ...

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Honda - Swindon
Hexagon Metrology’s Cognitens WLS400M helps deliver high level quality for the new Honda Civic

With the Cognitens WLS400M, Honda in the UK now carries out a root cause analysis in one shift instead of several days. Measurements that used to take 1.5 hours are now taken in 15 minutes. For Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd, customer satisfaction is everything. Precision measurement is employed at every stage of the manufacturing process to ...

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General Motors Powertrain – Uzbekistan
Leitz Reference HP ensures quality of engine components at GM Powertrain - Uzbekistan

General Motors (GM) owns facilities all around the world. One of the GM plants is located in Uzbekistan where car engine components roll off the assembly line. The GM Powertrain – Uzbekistan plant in Tashkent exists since November 2011 and represents a joint venture between General Motors and its partner in Uzbekistan Uzavtosanoat JSC. The plant ...

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Thoeni Manufacturing
Retro, but fit

How can existing machines be kept up to current standards against the background of increasing quality assurance requirements? The solution is a retrofit. Thöni Manufacturing GmbH shows you how. Almost two decades old, its coordinate measuring machine recently made the grade on an improvement course thanks to a modernisation package from ...

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Red Bull Technology - Milton Keynes
The portable measurement secrets to maintaining pole position

The variety of components that Red Bull Technology need to measure is vast. At their factory in Milton Keynes, UK, the workflow is governed by time management, this defines that the Inspection Department needs to be accurate, flexible and most importantly – fast! There are no second chances in an Formula 1 race hence Red Bull Technology are using ...

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Solaris- Poznan
The ROMER Absolute Arm measuring device ensures the highest quality of modern trams

Solaris - an ambassador of the Polish industry and its unquestionable symbol, a pioneer in its industry, currently recognised by millions of Poles who use public transport services, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art buses and trolleybuses, quite recently also invested in the manufacturing of trams. Solaris buses are known not only in Poland, ...

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Ingersoll - Haiger
Effective hob cutter inspections

Ingersoll knows precisely how gears get their teeth. The company specialises in vibration-free cutting tools. At its factory in Haiger,  Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH concentrates on the design and manufacture of large-volume special tools, among them multithread hob cutters for the gearmaking industry. During production, these hob cutters ...

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Robert Bosch - Immenstadt
Perfect prototype measurement

Small but very capable components are in great demand in the motorvehicle industry. This doctrine of the designers leads to ever-tighter tolerances on vehicle components. And continues to throw down new challenges to quality management – also at the Robert Bosch Works, Immenstadt . The Metrology Team tackles its tasks in the prototyping ...

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Voith Turbo - Munich
A true partner, right from the start

Voith Turbo manufactures drive components that are firmly established in the everyday and high-end product markets. They provide the necessary pulling power for China‘s superfast ZEFIRO 380 train as well as for propelling buses and other vehicles all over the world. At its Garching factory near Munich, the company produces gearboxes, retarders and ...

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EBCC - Wroclaw
EBCC Improves Aluminium Casting Production Quality with White Light Measurement System

EBCC located in Wrocław, Poland was established in the early 1960s and since 1999 has been specializing in aluminum castings production. The company produces about 6.5 million aluminum brake calipers annually, which makes it the second-largest producer in Europe. EBCC is part of the ACE group established in 2006 which activity is concentrated in ...

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Ingemat - Zamudio
Laser Tracker opens door to new business areas

Entrepreneurial acting means setting the course for new business opportunities. In industrial companies, the success of such plans stands and falls with identifying the right equipment. That’s why Basque engineering company Ingemat added a Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 to their ...

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Robert Bosch GmbH - Gerlingen
Calibrating in the premier league

Robert Bosch GmbH has been playing in the league of exceptional calibration laboratories certified by the German Calibration Service (DKD) for more than 25 years. Over this time, the central calibration laboratory at the company‘s headquarters in Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe has risen to become an internationally renowned institution. A ...

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SEGI - Aragon
Top quality mechanisation

The Aragonese company SEGI S.L. has opted for top quality mechanisation by incorporating a DEA GLOBAL Performance machine.  The autonomous community of Aragon has had for some months what is possibly the most precise CMM installed over its history in the metal industry. The machined products company SEGI S.L. has opted for the highest ...

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Gruenewald - Graevenwiesbach
All-round coordinate measuring system facilitates testing of constant velocity joints and tools

Grünewald Feinmaschinenbau has facilities in Grävenwiesbach in Hessia and in Weilmünster and is a company that enjoys a complex challenge. This family-owned business produces various drive components for its customers to drive a diverse range of vehicles, such as HGVs, military vehicles, racing cars, ships or rail vehicles. Constant ...

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ROMER measuring arm ensures everything‘s fair and square in motor sport

DEKRA is one of the world‘s leading expert organisations. The company is currently active in more than 50 countries. Around 22,000 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection. In motor sport, DEKRA is the official technical partner for the DTM (German Touring Car Masters). A portable ROMER CMM is ...

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Bosch Rexroth - Nuremberg
Coordinate metrology for power packs

The performance demanded from machines working in mining, forestry and agriculture are also expected from their power packs. These machines lift and lower tonnes of material, drill into almost impenetrable rock and plough through heavy soils. Hydraulics from Rexroth play their part in this, too. At its factory in Nuremberg, the Mobile Hydraulics ...

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SBS - Feintechnik - Schonach
Teething solutions: DEA GLOBAL measures drive components and units

SBS-Feintechnik operates in a world between good old cuckooclocks and sporty motorbikes. The company from Schonach, southern Germany successfully stands with a foot firmly placed on each pole – with drive components and complete drive units, which serve the needs of legendary cuckoochimes just as competently as they contribute to the excitement of ...

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AUSA - Manresa
The ROMER measuring arm - the ideal tool for AUSA

AUSA CENTER S.L., established in 1956, in Manresa, is the world’s largest manufacturer of dumpers of up to 10 tons, all-terrain forklifts of up to 5 tons and concrete mixers for up to 1 cubic metre. AUSA is a company with a clearly international vocation. The headquarters and the production plant, with a total surface area of over 64,000 sq. m., ...

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Italdesign Giugiaro - Torino
Cars and more. Designed by Italians. Measured by Hexagon Metrology.

Not only production cars and supercars that are now part of automobile history, but also boats, trains and objects of everyday use. After forty years of design the tireless and inexhaustible Giorgetto Giugiaro’s pencil is still one of the most famous and valued all over the world. Undoubtedly design is one of the things that have made Italy ...

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Red Bull Racing - Milton Keynes
Leica Absolute Tracker gives Red Bull Racing wings

Microns in industrial metrology mean hundredths of a second in Formula 1. Precision and reliability are what matters in both fields. In this elite class of motor sport, manufacturing tolerances are not a matter for discussion – any deviation from the specified values could cost a race victory, lose valuable points or ultimately the world ...

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BIMAQ - Bremen
The proof of the pudding: scientists use 3D measuring technology to research production methods for metal components

Generally speaking, the city of Bremen is known for its famous Town Musicians. However, passionate engineers know that Distortion Engineering is the new brand of this Hanseatic City. The term was coined by the University of Bremen where in 2001 the special research programme 570 was created with the same name, which attracts funding from the ...

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SFS intec - Heerbrugg
Versatile use of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra with small precision parts

In the production halls articles are pressed, turned, ground and rolled. Hammering and clattering fills every nook and cranny. Thousands of small parts are tumbling into their assigned bins. At first glance the picture is deceptive: diversity rules here. Swiss concern SFS intec concentrates on the design and manufacture of customer-specific ...

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Tofas - Bursa
Turkey’s leading automotive OEM innovates in 3D inspection

Tofas, founded as a joint venture between Koc Group and Fiat Auto, has been breaking new grounds in Turkey’s automotive industry for the past 40 years. With 5 brands currently represented, Tofas is one of the leading automotive companies in Turkey. Tofas carries out marketing and sales activities for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati and Ferrari ...

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AfM Technology / Stahlwerk Augustfehn
XL crown gear precisely forged thanks to Leica Absolute Tracker

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has manufactured a crown wheel with a diameter of 12.7 m. A Leica Absolute Tracker and the knowhow of metrology specialists at AfM Technology GmbH Ost ensured that measurements taken during production were always highly ...

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Leitz CMMs with QUINDOS test the accuracy of engine components for one of the largest engine plants in the world

Autobahn signs can already be seen some 1,5 hours Southeast of the Vienna city lines announcing the famous four interlinked rings. Immediately a vision pops into your mind: a sporty Audi racing through the spectacular landscape, hugging the passing curves of the hilly, serpentine and perfectly smooth asphalt. A part of this image your having is ...

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Hellgeth - Wurzbach
Customised special vehicle manufacturer simplifies prototype construction with the ROMER measuring arm

Brothers Jürgen and Andreas Hellgeth are entrepreneurs with passion. Their interests centre on motorsport and off-road vehicles. A self-converted racing Unimog with a twin-turbo, mid-mounted engine even secured them the overall winner‘s spot in the Dresden-Breslau Rally in 2008. From their personal commitment to motorsport and private ...

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Reishauer - Wallisellen
Leitz CMMs have been ensuring the accuracy of gear grinding machines for decades

When Renato Righes speaks about his work as QS Engineer at Reishauer AG in Wallisellen (Switzerland), you can sense that every decimal place of a micrometer reading counts in this company. For only if the accuracy of the Reishauer gear grinding machines is guaranteed to the last detail can the gear wheels ground on these machines perform their job ...

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Terrier - Villefranche sur Saône
ROMER measuring arm for quality control in plate component manufacture

Successful quality control at Terrier, a French company and part of ArcelorMittal‘s TOP group, relies greatly on the ROMER arm. Its use brings time and cost savings, which results in higher productivity and dependable ...

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Poncin - Tarare
Measuring arm for quality control in series production and for prototypes

Things get heated in the South of France. In outdoor temperatures of 30°C with sparks continuously flying about inside the PONCIN SA factory in the small town of Tarare thoughts quickly turn to the cool wine cellars in nearby Beaujolais. Mediumsized companies are strongly represented in this rural area surrounding the Lyon metropolis. Of ...

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Ogihara America - Howell (automated)
Ogihara Eliminates Hundreds of Inspection Hours with OptiCell by CogniTens

Based on our experience, OptiCell has paid for itself in about three months simply by eliminating hundreds of CMM inspection hours and iterative quality ...

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Ogihara America - Howell (manual)
Ogihara Leads Supplier Industry Using Optigo by CogniTens

Ogihara America Corporation (O.A.C.) is a subsidiary of the Japanese Ogihara Corporation, one of the largest independent automotive die manufacturers in the world today. O.A.C. is a Tier 1 supplier known for its exceptional product quality of automotive class A parts, assemblies and related body panels. O.A.C. operates in the US from two major ...

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ST Kinetics - Singapore
Wireless probing prevents reworking, automates report generation

Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering). It is one of Asia’s leading defense and specialty vehicles companies, with a strong portfolio of products and services for the defense, homeland security and commercial markets. Its capabilities ...

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Faurecia - Brières
Major Automotive Supplier Relies on Romer

Both an important vehicle identifier and the point of initial physical contact between the driver and the vehicle, the car seat also plays a vital role in passenger protection. Faurecia designs and assembles seats and manufactures their main components: frames, adjustment mechanisms, seating area and upholstering. Five percent of Faurecia’s sales ...

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Volkswagen - Dresden
VW Halves Fit-and-Finish Inspection Times for its Premium Flagship Model

The Transparent Factory in Dresden, as this futuristic plant enclosed almost entirely in glass is called, was built especially to manufacture Volkswagen’s premium-segment vehicle, the Phaeton, and opened its doors on December 11th, 2001. Employing a workforce of some 400 people, the plant is located centrally in the city, fitting beautifully ...

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Škoda - Mladá Boleslav
Škoda Cuts Inspection Times, Streamlines Operations With Leica T-Probe & T-Scan Duo

Reconnecting with its rich pre-WWII history, over the past 15 years as part of the VW Group Škoda has transformed itself into a modern automaker offering a complete lineup of passenger vehicles, sharing engines and mechanical components across the board with its corporate brethren. It has also become a sort of new model playground, often being ...

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Dimension 3 - Cordelle
A Service Company Specializes in ROMER

If personnel shortages or financial issues prevent you from coming up with your own metrology solutions, your company can turn to specialized service companies instead. Dimension 3 is one such company, headquartered in the Roanne region near Lyon. Dimension 3 utilizes ROMER articulated arms both locally and internationally, offering its customers ...

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Krayer - Langenargen
Romer Omega Portable Measuring Arm Helps Krayer GmbH Comply With ISO9001 Standards, Assuring Global Reach For Products

The picturesque Lake Constance, located near the rim of the Alpine region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is home to Krayer GmbH, a middle-sized company of about 50 employees specializing in the production of 3D forming parts. The company has a rich history, dating back to 1884, when Franz-Joseph Krayer founded a modest fabrication shop in ...

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Del West Europe - Roche
Del West Europe Measures up to Formula 1 Standards

It is a paradox that Del West Europe SA, a world leader in supplying valve train components to virtually all Formula 1 engine manufacturers, is located in Switzerland, a country that manufactures no cars. “It was a deliberate decision,” says Bruno Engelric, Del West Europe’s managing director, ”For one thing, Switzerland is centrally located ...

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KYB - Ororbia, Spain
Pioneers in scanning and reverse engineering for shock absorber manufacturing.

Hexagon Metrology’s long list of customers and partners includes KYB the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers worldwide. This Japanese giant, with its global presence, uses the ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner for its pioneering reverse engineering work at its Technical Centre in Ororbia, Spain. The measuring arm provides precise, ...

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Pilkington - Turin
Forms and Transparencies

Time was when car glazing were simple flat glass panes. Today, automotive glazing surface becomes wider to increase visibility to the outside and the amount of light of the car inside. Glazing style becomes richer and more complex to fit car shapes of all segments, becoming more and more flexuous and appealing, but above all it is now integrated ...

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DaimlerChrysler - Bremen
Leica T-Probe & T-Scan Combo Perfect Match for Body-in-White Inspection

DaimlerChrysler Relies on Leica Geosystems’ “Walk-Around” Wireless Probe & High-Speed Hand Scanner for Optimal Part Fitting. The first thing you’d notice while walking up and down the seemingly endless corridors of DaimlerChrysler‘s sleek, ultra-modern Bremen plant is the almost complete absence of people. Hundreds of robots go about their ...

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Tubazur - Cormenon
Investment in Modern Metrology Tools Assures Successful Expansion in the Custom-Made Tube Business

At the onset of the 1990s, the camping tube industry had experienced a slowdown due to the encroaching competition from the East and the trend toward adopting fiberglass as the material of choice. As a result, TUBAZUR needed to branch out in order to remain in the business. Changing their core business to include being a subcontractor for other ...

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DaimlerChrysler - Dusseldorf
Leica T-Probe Saves Time, Improves Accuracies

It keeps going and going and going-even if the immediate association with this slogan brings us to a different product, it applies to the Mercedes Sprinter just as well, it now in its eleventh year of production at the DaimlerChrysler AG Dusseldorf plant. The Sprinter success story is phenomenal: while most vehicles become obsolete toward the end ...

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BMW - Leipzig
Made to Measure - BMW in Leipzig

Setting up a measurement facility according to one's own ideas and visions in a newly built automotive plant, that must be the dream of every dedicated technician in measurement technology. For the 11 people of the measurement crew from quality management in chassis building, this dream has now come true – in the newly constructed BMW plant in ...

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SŽ Oprema - Ravne na Koroškem
Outsourcing Bottlenecks Eliminated With Leica Portable CMM

Over the past decade, myriad technological advances, including quantum leaps in industrial metrology, have lead to increased accuracy requirements by manufacturers not only in the metrology-heavy industries such as aerospace and automotive but in the general precision industry as well. As the ceiling of what is technologically possible gets pushed ...

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Pico Europe
Laser Trackers for Production of Automotive Tooling

PICO EUROPE designs, manufactures, installs and commissions automotive production lines worldwide for many automotive manufacturers including Ford, Jaguar, Scania, Volvo and many others. PICO EUROPE has been using Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers in assembly line production since 1996 and now has a total of five Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker ...

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Opel - Ruesselsheim
New Mobile Laser Tracker Helps Opel Measure Up to the Future

Accurate, highly-mobile laser beam measurements improve quality assurance at Opel's International Technical Development Centre. Opel's International Technical Development Centre (ITEZ) is on the leading edge when it comes to industrial measurement technology. Thanks to a new mobile laser tracker system, workers at Ruesselsheim, Germany can perform ...

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Ford - Brazil
João Marcos Ramos: A Question of Style

Ford Brasil started operating as early as 1919 assembling cars and trucks. Since then, the investments of this US manufacturer in South America have multiplied and now Ford has numerous manufacturing facilities in Brazil. In Taubaté, they produce engines (the Zetec RoCam engine was produced for the first time here), transmission systems and ...

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ATR - Colonnella
Racing with Supercar & Co.

Luxury cars for the very rich. Race motorcycles - advanced technological machines that challenge the boundaries of physics. Hi-tech bicycles making the most of the extraordinary power of the human body. Each of these objects, made in small numbers are extreme performers, they are made with great precision in great detail and have components of ...

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