Pretema GmbH - Niefern

Every feature in one go: How multi-sensor systems minimise measuring times

The precision technology company pretema specialises in the development and manufacture of electromechanical components, but this multitalented company is also a player in the areas of manufacturing technology and material types. When it comes to quality assurance, pretema relieson a multi-sensor measuring device from Hexagon Metrology that drastically reduces measuring times and scores points with its flexibility.

At first glance, some pretema products could be mistaken for jewellery. After all, the city of Pforzheim, aka „gold city“, isn‘t that far away. Sparkling surfaces of stainless steel, copper alloys, nickel, aluminium, tin, palladium and other materials reflect light in the factory hall. At their location in Niefern, pretema employs around 550 employees, specialists in punching, galvanising, plastic, assembly and lamination technologies. Tools and moulds also are made there.

And as small as some pretema parts may be, the functions they perform are critical to the success of the final product. The company’s product portfolio includes small enclosures, made of plastic and stamped parts, which house acceleration and pressure sensors that are installed in vehicles. When an accident occurs, the customer-com pleted units send signals to the air bag, ABS or ESP controller. Manufacturing tolerances are extremely tight, for example, some of the punched parts have tolerances of just a few microns. Miniature versions of pretema technology can also be found on chip cards. The company supplies punched, laminated leadframes for chip cards that serve to retain the chip and provide a contact interface  for it. The dimensions of their plastic parts, such as transmission control modules for cars, are a bit larger.

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