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Hexagon Metrology ölçüm sistemleri; yeni keşiflere giden yol. Teknik ve doğa bilimleri üniversiteleri ve araştırma enstitüleri, tüm dünyada Hexagon Metrology tarafından sunulan performans ve servis garantisine güvenmektedirler.

National Physical Laboratory - Huddersfield
İngiltere ulusal ölçüm enstitüsünün güvenilir tedarikçisi ve Britanya’nın en büyük uygulamalı fizik kuruluşu

Yirminci yüzyılın sonunda kurulan Ulusal Fizik Laboratuarı (NPL), radarın geliştirilmesi ve otomatik bilgisayar motoru gibi dünyanın en önemli bilimsel buluşlarında ön planda yer almıştır. Atom saatinin mucidi Louis Essen, bilgisayar biliminin öncüsü ve Enigma makinesinin kodunu kıran Alan Turing gibi saygın ...

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Tecnimex do Brasil
Maintenance Of Industrial Machine Installations

From the original and pioneering LTD-500 up to the modern and compact AT 401 Laser Trackers of Hexagon Metrology, allied to the great experience in advanced three dimensional measurements acquired throughout 14 years of history, Tecnimex do Brasil has become one of the major references in providing portable three dimensional metrology services in ...

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Bromley Technologies - Rotherham
Portable Metrology Optimizes Olympic Skeleton Sleds

Bromley Technologies Saves Hours (and Tenths of a Second) when Preparing Olympic Skeleton Sleds Using a Portable Measuring Arm from Hexagon ...

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UPBracing - Paderborn
How to build a racing car from just some rattling boxes

The UPBracing Team of Paderborn University has been a regular contender on the Formula Student circuit since 2006. The student racing team is therefore one of the more experienced in the international constructors’ championship. But to compete with the best, some very special technology is ...

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CEHIPAR - Madrid
ROMER Absolute Arm in naval research

Rowing boats, container ships, fishing trawlers or dinghies – any floating structure is interesting for the naval engineers at the “Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo” (CEHIPAR). Simulations and real-life scenarios contribute to ship building and operation, improving ship safety and efficiency. A portable measuring arm from ...

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Technology foundation ensures quality with ROMER Absolute Arm

Industry in the north-western Spanish province of Asturias has a public source of knowledge at its disposal. To keep the region competitive, the foundation-owned private company PRODINTEC ( consults local businesses in novel design, management and manufacturing means. A ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated laser scanner is the ...

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Cranfield University
High-precision inspection for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).

The race is on for who will manufacture 1,000 mirrors for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). Cranfield University in the UK has begun work on producing seven of the mirror segments for ‘the world’s biggest eye on the sky’ with the aid of high accuracy measurement systems from Hexagon Metrology. Built by the European Southern ...

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Opera - Gran Sasso
The Leica TDA5005 aligns the largest camera in the world

150 physicists, 36 institutions in 13 countries and a budget of 120 million euros: Opera is an international project carried out in collaboration with CERN and with the participation of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) aimed at reproducing on Earth, in known conditions, the natural phenomenon of the transformation of muon ...

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BIMAQ - Bremen
The proof of the pudding: scientists use 3D measuring technology to research production methods for metal components

Generally speaking, the city of Bremen is known for its famous Town Musicians. However, passionate engineers know that Distortion Engineering is the new brand of this Hanseatic City. The term was coined by the University of Bremen where in 2001 the special research programme 570 was created with the same name, which attracts funding from the ...

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Palazzo Madama - Torino
2000-year-old architecture close enough to touch thanks to surveying and milling techniques

People stroll up and down the pulsating shopping street. Soft music seeps out of the cafés on to the packed piazzas. The traffic throngs through the alleyways. Everything is moving in Turin. Almost everything. For 2,000 years, the daily hustle and bustle has drifted by the Palazzo Madama in the heart of the city where the Savoy dynasty once ...

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Duebendorf Aviation Museum
History-Making Cold-War Era Swiss Jet Fully Digitized With Leica T-Scan

More often than not, industrial metrology involves performing measurements on no-thrills, mundane, dull-as-dish-water measurement objects. Inspecting them is usually as exciting as watching grass grow. But every now and then one comes across a task that is as different as chalk and cheese. Like digitizing an entire fighter bomber jet, for example. ...

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Cerca - Romans
Aligning CERN Collimators with Two Articulated Arms

Particle physics is a key component in searching for new methods for achieving high energy levels. What is the origin of particle mass? Do neutrinos really weigh nothing? The new CERN particle accelerator, the so-called LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will help in the search for answers to those questions, helping offer insight into the very nature of ...

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USS Monitor Anchor - Newport News
Anchors Aweigh! High Speed Scanner Captures Nuances of Civil War USS Monitor Artifact

The treasures that lie beyond the doors of the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, are sure to capture the heart of any history buff. The museum is filled to the crow’s nest with prized artifacts that celebrate the spirit of seafaring adventure. Visitors from around the world experience over 60,000 square feet of gallery space filled Civil ...

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CERN - Geneva
Getting the Measure of the Universe

European particle physics laboratory CERN uses Leica Geosystems’ state-of-the-art laser tracker system to measure key components of the world’s largest-ever particle accelerator. The European organisation for nuclear research, CERN, is the world’s largest particle physics centre. Based near Geneva, the laboratory was founded in 1954 as one of ...

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Caterpillar - Peoria
Seeking the Holy Grail: Full-Size Dynamic Model of Giant Excavator

Virtual prototyping has long been the holy grail for enterprises looking to streamline their product development cycle. Using physical prototypes to test new concepts and improvements can cost manufacturers millions of dollars for downstream testing and prototype production. A virtual prototype is essentially an exact 3D digital replica of a ...

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NASA Marshall - Huntsville
NASA Perfects Orbital Docking Right Here on Earth

For most of those not directly involved, space exploration and research conjure up triumphant images of weightlessness and exotic technologies straight out of a science-fiction novel. However, most of the painstaking engineering efforts that go into reaching orbit take place on the ground. Due to the exorbitant, prohibitively high cost of leaving ...

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ATR - Colonnella
Racing with Supercar & Co.

Luxury cars for the very rich. Race motorcycles - advanced technological machines that challenge the boundaries of physics. Hi-tech bicycles making the most of the extraordinary power of the human body. Each of these objects, made in small numbers are extreme performers, they are made with great precision in great detail and have components of ...

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