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Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering). It is one of Asia’s leading defense and specialty vehicles companies, with a strong portfolio of products and services for the defense, homeland security and commercial markets. Its capabilities include the design and development, systems integration, production, operations, support and life cycle management of a wide range of specialized land systems equipment and specialty vehicles.

ST Kinetics manufactures a wide range of products. Three main areas of business include land systems, which manufacture armored vehicles and guns including ammunition; services, which perform maintenance both for commercial and military applications; and specialty vehicles, which manufactures vehicles like excavators, road manufacturing equipment and similar.

Before focusing on infantry-fighting vehicles, ST Kinetics was mainly in the business of retrofitting. Philip Tan, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance: “We mainly used to take vehicle apart, clean the parts, repair them and put all the parts back together. As such, we didn’t really have to worry about tolerances all that much because it was assumed that the part was correct when it came in.”

Currently, ST Kinetics is mainly focused on the BIONIX line of infantry-fighting vehicles. There are several product variances, with different types of equipment integrated based on its intended purpose. One of the issues facing the engineers in the development process, especially when they are dealing with large structures such as infantry-fighting vehicles, is that distortion and stretching occur. These issues need to be taken into account, which mandates incorporating industrial metrology equipment into the manufacturing process to inspect dimensional integrity during all the intermediate steps in production. . . . .

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